Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Test Kitchen: Sweet-Savory Sticky Chicken

This recipe is from Cooking with Trader Joe's: Pack a Lunch! 

Actually, I had it for dinner. And probably for lunch and dinner tomorrow, and I only made a half recipe. The full recipe is 10-12 drumsticks.

Ready for the oven!

Toast those sesame seeds!


From the cookbook:

This sweet and flavorful chicken recipe tastes great hot or cold. The sauce used to cook the chicken is delightful and can be used with any meat or poultry. The oven-roasted and glazed drumsticks are a classic and a big hit with kids and finger food enthusiasts.

And with me. The drumsticks were really good, especially with the sauce, and the recipe is easy-peasy. I'd also try it with thighs or wings. Highly recommended.

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