Monday, November 15, 2021

National Novel Writing Month - Week 2 Progress Report

After not writing at all on Sunday (Day 7), I got back in the saddle on Day 8. The tough part is staying in the saddle. Also, no new badges - they make it a lot harder to earn them after the first few days.
Day 8 (Monday)
Words written: 1,841 / 12, 073 total (not quite caught back up after my 0 count on Sunday, but making progress.
Day 9 (Tuesday)
Words written: 2,486 / 14, 559 total (almost caught up, but then...)
Day 10 (Wednesday
Words written: 202 (yikes!) /  14,761 total
Day 11 (Thursday)
Words written: 535 (yikes again) / 15,296 total
Day 12 (Friday)
Words written: 3,207 (that's better!) / 18,503 total
Day 13 (Saturday)
Words written: 1,588 / 20,091 total
Day 14 (Sunday) 
Words written: 685 / 21,730 total

So some slow days there, but I'm absolutely boggled by the fact not only that I've written 20k+ words in two weeks, but also seeing my story start to flesh out in ways I hadn't expected. It's really coming together, and the Sisters in Crime write-ins have been beyond helpful.

Onward and upward!

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