Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Department of Dumb Criminals: Fish Story Edition

This was yesterday's entry from my true life crime desk calendar:
Hook, Lies, and Sinker
When Bobby Rose caught the biggest fish of the hour at the 2010 BLT Lake Ray Hubbard Big Bass tourney in Texas, he was quickly whisked away for a polygraph tests - common practice in the bass fishing world when an angler tries to claim a prize. The bass was left behind with judges, who noticed a strange lump in the fish's stomach while weighing it. After they placed the bass in a holding tank, things got even stranger - the fish sat at the bottom of the tank, not moving. Officials confronted Rose during his polygraph, and Rose confessed by way of grabbing the fish and squeezing it tail to head until a one-pound lead weight popped out. Rose had weighted the fish, increasing its heft by nearly one-tenth.

Rose was charged with one felony count of attempted theft for cheating in an attempt to claim the tourney's prize of a $55,000 bass boat. He received 15 days in jail and a $3,000 fine.

Hope it was worth it!


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