Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Okay, I am a blogging idiot

I don't usually get comments on the blog, and that's fine. I know it doesn't have a huge readership which is also fine. It's something I enjoy doing and that's what I get out of it, rather than exposure and/or attention. 

In the past, I would get an email notification when there was a comment submitted, so I could check it for spam before approving it to be posted. And since I wasn't getting any emails, I assumed there weren't any comments. Fine.

The other day I'm bopping around the posts page for the blog and accidentally click on the left sidebar and to my great surprise, what pops up is a list of comments. Some of them going back a few years, in fact. Turns out that they're there, even if I'm not getting email notifications anymore. Now most of them (especially more recent ones) are clearly spam, but there were a few I would have liked to have seen at the time. I feel bad that they were probably expecting a response. The probably think I'm a jerk.

So I've set the comments to non-moderation and will just deal with spam comments as they come up. We'll see how that works out.


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