Thursday, July 28, 2022

A day at The Huntington

Last week, The Brother and I headed over to The Huntington Library, Art Museums, and Botanical Gardens. It's too much to do in one day, but we covered most of it. We made it to the Chinese and Japanese gardens, the Library, and European art gallery. We did miss the American art gallery, which is a bummer because they have a Hopper and my favorite statue, Zenobia in Chains, and I was hoping to see them again. Next time.

The Huntington also has one of my favorite gift shops. It's where I got my Marie Antoinette salt and pepper shakers, in fact, they're still carrying this item. This time around I got a really pretty Ramen bowl and these socks:

The Great Catsby. LOL.

Some more pics from The Huntington:
Serious money = your own chapel, complete with stained-glass windows.

 The Chinese Garden:

The Japanese Garden:

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