Saturday, October 8, 2022

82 Candles

It's that time of the year again - my Dad would be 82 if he was alive today. I wouldn't mind that at all.
I wanted to scan some more pictures in addition to the ones I've been using, and it was really rough going through some of them. I don't miss any one person in particular, but I miss having everyone around. In particular, I found the card from my Stepmom Diane's memorial service and it was a real jolt to realize how long it's been - next March will be the 30th anniversary of her death. She was only 51 when she passed, but still...also lots of pics of her with my Dad brought back a lot of memories. I also found the memorial card for my Grandma Loomis and that was 20 years ago.

Where does the time go? And will someone please hurry up and invent a time machine so I can get out of this crazy world and go back to better days? 

Anyway, this post got a little drearier than I'd intended.  Happy Heavenly Birthday, Dad!


SURPRISE!!! He thought he was walking into the restaurant manager's office because Diane had slipped on her way to the ladies room. It was actually a ruse to spring his 50th surprise birthday party on him! It wasn't even an office - it was a banquet room. Diane put that sign on the door. I helped her prep earlier in the day and she was a wreck fearing it wouldn't go off as planned. It was the only time I can remember ever seeing Diane nervous, and everything went perfect. Great night! Shiloh Inn, Pomona CA.




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