Sunday, October 9, 2022

All the editing that's fit to print

The editorial process for my story "As Seen on Television" was completed last week. The story will appear in Entertainment To Die For, the next anthology from Sisters in Crime/Los Angeles. It will be published sometime next spring, probably March or early April. SinC/LA always has a booth at the L.A. Times Festival of Books in April and they like to have the anthologies out right before that.

My editor has been super and the process was pretty painless. Mostly rewriting a couple of sentences for clarity, eliminating repetition of words and expressions, including removal of about five million uses of "had". Seriously, I'm going to do a word search for "had" in future stories because, damn, five million isn't as much of a exaggeration as it should be.

Other than all that, I'm really happy with the story. The lead Detective and her partner are characters I've used in some other stories, but this is the first one to be published. I'm hoping to use them in future projects as well.

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