Sunday, September 18, 2022

Flights of Angels

The BBC has had a live feed of the Queen's Lying-in-State since Thursday, after her family accompanied her coffin to Westminster Hall and the public, which had been queuing up for miles, was finally let in to pay their respects. And I've been watching it obsessively ever since. Witnessing the mass of British subjects, many of whom had been in line for ten hours or more, pay their respects to the only monarch most of them had ever known, was a riveting, moving, and addicting viewing experience. I'm going to miss them when the lying-in-state ends and the feed goes dark.

To the British people, thank you for sharing this amazing part of your tradition during what must have been a devastating time for you. I'm going to miss seeing you all.

Note: All images are screenshots taken from the BBC's Live Feed.

Updated 8:12pm (PDT) - The lines are thinning out:

Updated 10:35pm (PDT) - It's over.

Rest in peace, Your Majesty.

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