Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Holy moly - "Twilight Zone" episodes as old time radio dramas!

This just popped up on my YouTube feed - a channel with Twilight Zone episodes performed as radio dramas! How have I never seen these before? And it kicks off with "To Serve Man"? AWESOME!!!

From the channel's description:

The Twilight Zone is a nationally syndicated radio drama series featuring radio play adaptations of the classic television series The Twilight Zone first produced for the British station BBC Radio 4 Extra in October 2002, with the final show released in 2012 for 176 episodes in all. 
Many of the stories are based on Rod Serling's scripts from the original Twilight Zone series, and are slightly expanded and updated to reflect contemporary technology and trends (e.g., the mention of "cell phones" and "CD-ROMs" which, of course, were not around when the television show aired in the 1960s) and the lack of a visual component. 
In addition to adapting all of the original episodes aired on the 1959-1964 TV series, the radio series has also adapted some Twilight Zone TV scripts which were never produced, scripts from other Serling TV productions, and new stories written especially for the radio series.

Stacy Keach does a wonderful job of stepping in for Rod Serling as the radio show's narrator. So far I've only listened to "To Serve Man" (Blair Underwood plays Mr. Chambers) and it did not disappoint. There is a glitch in the audio near the end, but it corrects in time for the big reveal. Check it out!

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